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A place setting and flowers from Inspired Design

Photograph of a place setting from the book.

Your Inspired Design is amazing. I have devoured it, sipping coffee as I have enjoyed reading each page. Your family legacy is depicted in beautiful illustration. Having Hannah’s words throughout the book is wonderful.

Jill Foster, Author of Creative Cakes Anyone Can Make

Why I love to give your book? It looks great at first glance – superb photography and quality binding.  But then it’s like my favorite people and favorite houses – the substance and depth are discovered as you look inside.

. . . and I’ve noticed when I gave Inspired Design at a birthday party and it was passed around, it “stole the show” and bogged down the progress of the other gifts circulating.  Other guests were literally “reading” it.

Barbara Bartaroff, Coronado

Your book is so incredible. Wow. Every page oozes excellence and drips with your sophisticated, warm, heartfelt and “perky” personality!  The gorgeous photography, the inspiring quotes, and the easy-to-read narrative makes it so enjoyable to sit down and flip through.  Except… you don’t just “flip”… because you don’t want to miss a page.  The dedication to your dad, your incorporation of family and friends makes it very special.

Camille Block

By the way, I LOVE your book!  It is amazing and so are you; very warm, personable and professional. You are truly gifted and loved!


Karen Armstrong

I got to scan your book a bit today, what a wonderful, sweet, and very heart-warming book. Its beautifully written and assembled. I’m so thrilled for you and Hannah to have had this mother daughter experience together, its truly what we all cherish and want.

Solange Daggett

Your book is wonderful, by the way, I stayed up way too late last night ready it!!

Lori Hisel

Your book is lovely… I only got to page 31 in bed last night, but I will read the whole thing. I am enjoying it soooo much… my favorite part is the history of your family!! I did not know the back-story on Porter Blanchard…so cool! YOU are inspiring and I feel so lucky to be your friend…..Again, LOVE THE BOOK!

Crista Fisher

We love your book! I must say, I got choked up during certain parts of it. Very beautiful job Roxanne and Hannah! In fact, you inspired Danielle so much that the next day after your book launching party, she completely remodeled her room!! love it 🙂

Pascale Landry

Congrats Roxanne, your book was the perfect mothers day present for some special people in my life. It’s wonderful!

Barry Dahl

Go girls, you are amazing!

Courtney Gebhart

I’ve read it from front to back and now I’m “Inspired!”

Kathleen LaCanfora

That book is beautiful and inspiring :))))) I absolutley luvvv it!!!!!!!!

Melissa Kytlica

From Blogs, on the Blog Tour:

Lisa’s review: I have to admit I was a little intimidated by this book at first. Packham’s credentials and heritage are impressive, to say the least, but I wondered how her experience of designing for homes in California, coupled with her family link to some notable names, would apply to my low-budget design lifestyle in a rental house. Her advice certainly is inspiring. As I read I kept thinking about going shopping – the treasure hunt sort of shopping at thrift stores and rummage sales that might yield interesting finds for my home. She offers practical tips for even low budgets. I most appreciated her stories of buying “souvenirs” that mean something and will last forever – pieces she could use in her home for entertaining – rather than “junk” that only amounts to clutter. She also advises focusing on one aspect of a room at a time, such as buying cloth napkins one year and plates the next. If I had to criticize anything, it’s that she often mentioned a specific style of something, like curtains or dishes, and I couldn’t picture what it looked like because I was unfamiliar with the term. That’s more a reflection of my unfamiliarity with design terms, though, I think. The book is filled with beautiful pictures and is, indeed, inspiring to the woman who wants to make the most of her home to the glory of God.

Sorry, guys! This is strictly a girly book tour. Today, I bring you a blog tour of Inspired Design, written by designer Roxanne Hughes Packham and her 16 year-old daughter Hannah. They will inspire you to create a home that touches the souls of those within.

If you enjoy beautifully photographed interior design books and stories of treasured family traditions, then you will love this one. Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post as I’m giving one away.

From Heading Home Blog, Lynn Mosher

My review of Inspired Design: (Carlybird’s Home)

I’ve got two words to describe this book:  eye candy.  I have loved interior design books for years and recently I did a major book purge and gave away most of my collection, so Inspired Design was a welcome addition to my now small collection.  The pictures and the rooms featured in this book are absolutely beautiful, but I also really enjoyed the text.  Roxanne writes in a very practical and soothing manner, which made this book a delightfully relaxing read.  I also really enjoyed reading Hannah’s Points of View.  They were a fun and charming addition to an already lovely book.  This mother-daughter team is inspiring and talented and they have put together a book that will be enjoyed by me for a very long time.

The only thing I would change about this book is the Christmas chapter.  It was just too short.  The photos in that chapter were so beautiful, I would have loved to see more.  Perhaps Roxanne and Hannah might consider doing a Christmas book.  I can just imagine how wonderful that would be.

Overall, Inspired Design is just as the title implies.  I loved everything about it and I highly recommend this book if you really want to be inspired to make your space beautiful.  Roxanne loves to create beautiful spaces in her clients’ homes and in her own home.  I love that she has shared her work with us and that her daughter Hannah is such an important part of her work and this book.

Missy Tippens, here. I had the opportunity to receive a copy of Inspired Design, a gorgeous book by Roxanne Hughes Packham and her daughter, Hannah Packham. (Photography by Mark Lohman.) The book is filled with lush photos and touching stories of family as well as helpful tips on decorating and entertaining. I was thrilled to hear about the book because my daughter (age 14) is already talking about wanting to be an interior designer someday. This is a fantastic resource for her, but more than that, it’s an inspiration to spend time making our home a place that’s warm and welcoming.