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Inspired Design by Roxanne Hughes Packham & Hannah Packham

100% of Proceeds goes to Heart of Hope Ministries, Intl. to help take care of the girls at home of hope (usually orphans) to prepare them after life in an orphanage, with skills, job training a place to live, food to eat and mentoring.

Book was created, produced and printed in the USA, proudly!

Inspired design is a hospitality book written by a mother-daughter team whose hope is to inspire you to have more people to your home!

To order your copy of Inspired Design, make your check for $19.95 payable to Heart of Hope Ministries and send it to:

Camarillo Community Church
1322 Las Posas Rd.
Camarillo, CA 93010
Attn: Roxanne Packham

It’s theme is celebrating your heritage. Ours, design specifically silversmithing, goes back 8 generations; including my great-grandfather, Porter Blanchard, who began the Arts & Crafts Society in California. My Grandfather, Allan Adler’s work is in the Smithsonian, Huntington Library & Gardens, and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He made the first Miss. America & Miss. Universe Crowns , the Sonny and Cher logo (yes, teenagers we know you have NO idea who they are), also items for Michael Jackson, many US Presidents, Paul Newman, Cary Grant, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc…

“Do not underestimate the power of your home, nor its ability to change lives,” writes Roxanne Hughes Packham. “A cup of hot tea and an hour in a cozy nook spent listening to a friend can be life-altering. Sending well-loved, cared-for children into the world to contribute to our society in positive, meaningful ways is one of, if not the most significant contributions you will ever make, and your home is a significant part of this endeavor.”

Now, drawing from the highly-published designs she’s created for hundreds of clients, Packham will inspire you to create a home that touches the soul of those within, as well as all who walk through its doors. Amid stunning photography, stories of treasured family traditions and poignant observations by her daughter Hannah, she shares ideas that will help you create beauty, warmth and passion in your home, and make it . . . an inspired design.

Sample Chapters: Take a look inside the book…