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Nothing "bundt" praise for Him! (bundt cakes)The format of’s events is unique compared with other ministries and speaking engagements. As the event starts we welcome the guests and focus on the virtue of hospitality, ensuring everyone feels welcome. Seating is around tables rather than in rows of chairs. This tends to create a more comfortable feeling. It is less sterile and stimulates conversation, opening doors to meet people around you. At our events we always have scones—possibly one of the best parts of the day! The addition of tea and scones to the event allows for a more relaxed environment. People can move around during the first few minutes of the event, finding their seats, grabbing scones, and catching up with friends.

After opening in prayer, mother-daughter pairs go on stage together to make any announcements that need to be made. This is a very unique trait of Inspired, both mothers and daughters participate in running the events. I definitely see this a microcosm of the ministry; the mother-daughter bond is very important and decisions are determined through both parties.

We often will have a testimony before the main speaker talks. I have enjoyed hearing some incredible testimonies from especially the younger girls; it is amazing to see the maturity and wisdom across all ages. The speaker will then share. Often times there are ways to actively participate in activities during her talk. These activities can range from discussion to games, or writing down your thoughts to help you think through an issue.

As the event comes to an end we will introduce the speaker for the next event and close in prayer. The event itself is then over but people are always free to hang out ad grab some more scones!