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We invite you to join us at one of our gatherings! If you live in another state, then make a mother-daughter trip out to California for our annual retreat! You won’t be sorry. Our events are for middle school- and high school-aged people. Clearly, they are for girls only. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers, godmothers and mentors are very, very welcomed. We have events that we invite younger girls to occasionally so they can see what there is to look forward to. The topics are those designed for teenagers and things they struggle with. While there is never anything tasteless about it, they can be frank discussions about issues that matter: sex, dating, the world today, divorce, depression, anxiety as well as uplifting and inspirational ways to handle those issues.

Mother & Teen Daughters

Place of GRACE, not Perfection

Although this seems obvious, I (Roxanne, here) would like to mention that not only do we fully realize how imperfect we are, we are here because of that imperfection and what Christ does in spite of it. The cornerstone of our faith is forgiveness. The beauty of our faith comes from our understanding that it is all about HIM and not us. While you may look and see some polished girls and their moms (or not!!!), whose relationships between mothers and daughters look flawless and perfect that simply is the enemy, who seeks to discourage and steal joy. There is no perfect mother-daughter pair, and we are very cognizant of this. We do however chose to celebrate all that is praiseworthy and excellent! We use Phil 4:8 to find joy in the lovely…that there is. You will find us smiling, laughing and filled with joy. You might also find us with tears in our eyes, suffering or struggling.

So….this ministry is for you!

We sincerely hope you join us. Come introduce yourself and settle in and get ready to be INSPIRED!


The Steering Moms & Daughters