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We’ve been tremendously blessed by both the high caliber of our guest speakers and the participants at our retreats! Below you’ll find information about some of our past events.

April 10, 2016Consider It All Joy

Consider It All Joy!

How can we find joy amidst our struggle? Why does God want us to seek joy in all circumstances? How does God use trials to produce a life of joy?

Guest Speaker: Shannae Rickards Anderson, PhD

Shannae Rickards Anderson is a licensed Christian psychologist in private practice in Thousand Oaks. She is also a professor at Fuller Seminary and a former Teaching Director of Community Bible Study in Westlake Village.




October 25, 2015

Beautiful…by Design

Guest speaker: Allie Marie Smith, Wonderfully Made

Allie Marie Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of Wonderfully Made and co-author of both Bible studies in the WM Series. Wonderfully Made is a voice of love to today’s generation of young women. We exist to share the truth about your value and worth. To spread the simple, life-changing message that you are not an accident — that you have been lovingly and wonderfully made by God2015-10-beautiful-by-design for a beautiful purpose.

Guest speaker: Tennille Fadel, Freelance Fashion Designer

Through her walk with Jesus she became a fashion designer because she wanted to merge her faith and creativity. Her tag line “handmade to build up and heal” comes from her belief that she was handcrafted to use her gifts for that very purpose, working with her hands and being a tool to help heal.

Guest speaker: Linda Adams, Certified Color and Image Consultant and Mary Kay Sales Director

Linda enjoys empowering women to reach their full potential and realize the God-given gifts they have within them. She began her Mary Kay business in 1984 while she was working as a high school Spanish teacher. She continued with both for five years, then left teaching to pursue it full-time. She has earned the use of twelve company cars and has been honored in the company’s National Sales Court for 21 years. She appreciates the company’s values of God first, Family second, and Career third and she enjoys empowering women to reach their full potential and realize the God-given gifts they have within.


Feb 2015 Event Poster - to postFebruary 8, 2015

Inspired Healing

Guest Speaker: Lea Valle, Cookbook Author and Blogger
After struggling with persistent health problems for several years, Lea discovered “Paleo” and embraced the ideal of pursuing health and fulfillment through simple, time-tested strategies and applied them to her life as a woman, wife, mother, and Christian. Lea writes the popular blog Paleo Spirit ( Her food and lifestyle tips focus on a back-to-basics approach to fitness for body, mind, and soul.  She is set to release her first book late next month Sweet Paleo:Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Delights, a perfect introduction to the joys of paleo baking.
Featured Testimony: Kendal Koorenny
After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2014, 15-year-old Kendal was inspired to explore happiness through a healthy lifestyle, and of course, all while wearing a great pair of heels!  She became gluten, dairy, and soy-free and began to experiment in the kitchen.  She discovered a new world filled with wonderful flavors and  began to photograph her journey and passion for healthy living and needed to share it with others…thus, the birth of her website Health and High Heels (
Feature Testimony: Megan Hamlin
When Megan stepped out in faith and surrendered her physical and mental body the the Lord, her life was transformed. During the most difficult year one could imagine, she changed from a 215 pound trapped person to a 136 pound woman of God! It’s not about beauty and status, it’s about honoring the body as a gift from God.

October 18, 2014

Inspired to CreateOct 2014 Event Poster

Guest speaker: Janet Hyun, Christian Artist
Artist Janet Hyun strives to impact this generation to live in a Christ-based culture. Her art work is known all over the world and is made into various products such as calendars and billboards. She is a professional advisor of the Pan Pacific Film Festival, the founder of Luminosity 21, a group of artists that seek to bring light to the world through their visual art.

In 2008 she was featured in “Art For The Nations”, an art auction hosted by the Global Children’s Movement that brought food for African Orphanages during the winter. She has painted at many Christian gatherings and conferences, such as The Call, Spirit West Coast, Bethel School of Kingdom Creativity, A Line In the Sand, The Cry Hollywood and K.E.Y.S. Her paintings are displayed in New York, Texas, California, and Taiwan. She has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles for her work and testimony.

Janet Hyun studied Fine Arts at the institute of Chicago and Graduated from Art center College of design in Pasadena, CA 1998.Janet lives in Upland, CA with her husband and three children. For more information about Janet Hyun, visit her website at

Guest Speakers: Laura Sharpe and her teen-age daughter Estelle, Founder of Artists for Trauma

After a horrific helicopter accident on Catalina Island six years ago left Laura Sharpe with the devasting effects of disfiguring and disabling trauma, her use of art helped her undergo a remarkable physical, emotional and spiritual recovery.
Laura fought her way through 4-6 weeks in a coma, endured 43 broken bones, burns over more than 40 percent of her body, multiple skin grafts, the near-loss of an eye, and the partial amputation of her foot. For more than two years after her near-death experience, she endured excruciatingly endless physical pain and 40 – 60 weekly hours of medical treatment and therapies re-learning to walk, talk and see again.

Focusing on the future, and feeling grateful for all the love and support she was blessed to receive, Laura embarked on a journey of re-discovery through a personal engagement with the arts. From her 3 years of collaborative work with esteemed artist friends in the areas of photography, film, dance, sculpture and music, Laura was able to rise above and beyond her all encompassing pain and dramatically improve the quality of her recovery through the creative interaction between herself, the art and the artists. She created and produced The Laura Project- “Remembered – Interpretations of Reconstruction” a highly successful, multi-media event held in Santa Monica, California, March 2011, for the recognition of the multiple efforts of the Los Angeles medical community, art community and friends who directly participated in her miraculous recovery.

In 2012, Laura Sharpe founded Artists for Trauma, where Recovery is an Art! Artists for Trauma has worked with over 700 trauma survivors in the short time frame of 2 ½ years.

March 7 and 8, 2014March 2014 Event Poster2a

Treasured Time

Mother/Teenage Daughter National Retreat in California

Guest Speaker: Kristen Cummins, MFT & Bible Teacher

The chaotic feel of everyday life can leave us feeling unsatisfied with a surface approach to our mother-daughter relationships. But deep are the waters of women’s hearts, both young and old. Treasured Time invites you to learn to be still in order to delve deeper with your daughter, assisting both of you in discovering the treasures of each other’s hearts and enjoying the bountiful riches of God’s promises of healthy relating.



October 20, 2013

Caitlin Crosby

Born and raised in Hollywood to parents who both worked in show business, singer-songwriter/actress Caitlin Crosby rebelled from the self and image driven messages06_i31_CaitlinCrosby_Flyer

that surrounded her.  Courageously choosing to follow God and live out her faith, Caitlin learned at a young age how to endure not fitting in and still builds her adult career with these same counter-cultural messages.

While in a production at Beverly Hills High, Caitlin was asked to audition and then become a member of the all-girl pop group Foxy Nova, where she co-wrote material for the group.  But the songs that meant the most to her were the ones urging self-esteem and self-empowerment, which were contrary to her label’s desire for songs that were racy, sexy, and pushed the envelope. Fed up with the music business that went against everything she stood for, Caitlin headed off to school and focused on acting alongside her studies, appearing in
several TV series, including Malcom in the MiddleThat ’70s Show and Seventh Heaven.

She continued to write songs, mostly as a creative outlet and eventually found herself back in the studio. Now a solo-artist who plays guitar and piano on her latest album, Caitlin has a message to send that she’s explored throughout her work; loving yourself despite your flaws; the struggle to protect your soul from a predatory, materialistic world; the power of love and spirit to lift us out of even the direst circumstances.

Caitlin not only shares her messages through her music, but through two websites,, which employs the homeless to create jewelry made from vintage keys that spread a positive message and has helped participants to transition out of homelessness and (which encourages visitors to celebrate their flaws rather than trying to live up to impossible, unfair standards).

2012-2013 Event PostcardApril 14, 2013

Teen to Teen, Inspired to… DREAM

Teen Panel

Guest Speaker: Dani Germann

Come hear from and interact with a panel of young adults who dream big, go against the grain and are set apart in the way they pursue their dreams. Hot topics to be discussed include: choices about boyfriends; dating and marriage; bringing your passions to your college or high school campus; and fulfilling life-long dreams using your own “design”. Real teens, real life, and real answers.




February 3, 2013

Designed to… GET LOST
The Key to Experiencing True Love

Guest Speaker: Dannah Gresh,

Beloved speaker, best-selling author, and friend of, Dannah Gresh returned to teach us about guys and God and how we get them mixed up. If you reach for a guy’s love before you fully experience God’s love, you may never find true love. The way to true love is simple: A girl has to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find her. Come hear this critical teaching before you “fall in love”.

Dannah Gresh and teen girls at an event

Dannah Gresh with teen girls at an event

January 18-20, 2013

Mother/Teenage Daughter National Retreat in California

Guest Speaker: Kristen Cummins, MFT & Bible Teacher

Designed to be… CROWNED
Daring to Surrender to His Royal Love

CROWNED invites you to come away on a life-changing journey where you will meet the power of God’s love in ways that will help you surrender in obedience to His calling, as you receive your identity as a precious and Crowned daughter of the King, your heart will be released to receive the depths of His love, the holy and redeeming love of a Bridegroom King. Kristen’s heart is to invite you to surrender to this overwhelming love of God whose radical affections can heal your heart, set you free, and empower you to live life as His beloved.

October 7, 2012

Designed to be… FAITHFUL

Truth, Purpose, Freedom, Fulfillment, Healing

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Strickland

Before she discovered the meaning of true beauty, former Giorgio Armani runway model Jennifer Strickland battled an eating disorder, drug abuse, loneliness, and a suicide attempt while at the peak of a career that left her empty. A familiar face in the ’90s on Glamour, Vogue, and Seventeen magazines, she now speaks to teens across the country with a life-changing message on the real meaning of BEAUTIFUL and the myth of the “perfect girl”.

September 16, 2012


Guest Speaker: Shannon Sergy,

Shannon found her passion in fighting the horrors of child sex slavery and now runs a non-profit organization to aid in this fight. Through a partnership with artists, is playing a huge role in the rescue, healing, and restoration in the victims of this modern day form of slavery — both in the United States and abroad. Her story will inspire you… One person can make a difference!

2012 Event PostcardApril 17, 2012

Firm Foundations

Guest Speaker: Susie Shellenberger, Mother-Daughter Relationships

March 20, 2012

Feeling Invisible

Guest Speaker: Stacie Adams, Author of “Who Speaks To Your Heart?

February 20, 2012

Dannah Gresh, Author of “And The Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity” and “Mother & Daughter Dates

January 16, 2012

From Producer to Poverty

Shelene Bryant, Missionary,