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The women and young ladies who attend our conferences do not go away unmoved. Here are some of the many comments we’ve received from past attendees.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. On Friday, Jan. 18; I became a follower of Jesus Christ… with all my love, ME

I have been truly inspired by this weekend and feel much closer to God and my mom. FL, age 13

I wasn’t 100% excited at first to be coming this weekend, I had so much going on and felt so overwhelmed but this turned out to be just what I needed. My heart and eyes were so opened to God’s plan for me. This weekend also brought me and my mom so much closer and I was able to tell her things that I’ve always wanted to but couldn’t find the words. God gave me those words this weekend. Thank you!

Today was simply amazing!!! A feast for the eyes and soul. The beauty of your home and gardens was life giving. The women at each station were His humble beautiful servants who radiated his presence in so many ways. Living water filling my heart. Special connections were made here, not only with my daughter but with other mothers and daughters. Thank you, thank you each one of you precious women for all that you poured in of yourselves to create such beauty and love for each one of us. TS

Wow ~ This is not an easy task because God did so much for my girls and me this weekend that I am overwhelmed and at a loss for words… This weekend was about healing, forgiveness and restoration. The main session and breakouts prepared our hearts to enter the prayer room to receive our healing. I discovered my daughter was blaming herself for so much that our family had experienced, the poor thing had been carrying this burden for years… I can say that our family was touched in such a personal way by the Lord and our lives will be forever changed.

If this was your first retreat, I can’t imagine how you’ll top this one, but we are looking forward to seeing how HE’LL do it (AMEN SISTER).

Dear Moms of Teen and soon-to-be Teen Daughters,

I ‘d like to share with you a blessed opportunity for my daughter and I to attend Inspired 31’s event, “Inspired to Dream” in Camarillo this afternoon. It was an 87-mile and 1-1/2 hour trip but my son and husband drove us and showed their support.

I was not sure what to expect or if my daughter, who is 12 years young, should attend (you might have felt the same way). Though she will be 13 in a couple of months, I felt God called us to go. Listening to these three wonderful young women speakers, I immediately knew it was right for us to be here. Watching my daughter’s eyes light up, and seeing her smile, giggle, laugh, nod and shake her head was amazing! She connected with the topics and the messages were inspiring and empowering! She acquired information she needed to hear from someone else (younger) other than her mom (if you know what I mean). We glanced at each other a few times in agreement; what a joy!

But most of all, my daughter thanked me for sharing this event with her.  She was so glad we came because she learned many things from these young women who also experienced some of the same things she has in becoming a teen. As a Mom, I appreciate that the focus is to have a relationship with God and follow His plan for our lives. Also, there is emphasis on prayer, surrender to His will (and not of the world), love and compassion. In the end the speakers answered questions from mothers and daughters, and shared helpful tools and advice for how to guide our daughter as they grow to be young women with a strong faith in God.

This was Inspired 31’s last event for the year but they will begin a schedule of new events in the fall.  My daughter and I look forward to attending their future events including a Mother & Daughter Retreat in January 2014. I hope you and your daughter(s) will join us and experience God’s love and blessings through Inspired 31’s ministry. ~Anonymous