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Mother-Daughter PyramidThe leadership style of is very unique. Inspired is run by mother-daughter teams. Mothers and daughters work together to decide on speakers, run events, and specialize in different jobs. During steering meetings both mothers and daughters are present to discuss the next event. Having a variety of backgrounds and ages present while planning helps us to make sure we consider the relevance of any speaker or topic to the target audience. Though often times the mothers are the ones finalizing details, the girls always have the largest say.

Since the goal of is to speak to teenagers, we are always concerned about how they feel about an idea. The teens opinions are taken very seriously. One example of this took place at the very first meeting for Inspired. The mothers had thought a dressy, high tea format would be the most fun. When the girls heard this we weren’t completely convinced that high tea would be the best idea. We all said we would enjoy it more if we had a more casual setting, even though we would still serve tea and scones. This was foundational in creating the way Inspired 31 events flow and the girls were the ones determining it. As a teen that participated in steering I was never afraid to voice my opinion since I knew it was valued greatly.

The mothers and daughters work together on every aspect of the event, the food, set-up, speaker, and show flow. On event days mothers and daughter go on stage in pairs most of the time. By doing this we give the girls a chance to lead with their mother by their side. Mothers and daughters chose together a position on the steering team. For instance finance, food, or décor. The mother-daughter team specializes in this aspect of the event and they work together in their position. The way Inspired 31 is lead is very important because it ensures the teens have a significant say in what goes on. The leadership style is foundational for the message of the ministry. Since the teens are the primary target audience, the leadership style is a unique and important part of how our ministry is run.

Mothers & Daughters at an Event

Mothers & Daughters at an Event