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Founding Steering Team with Dannah Gresh

Founding Steering Team
with Dannah Gresh

The prayers that started it all…

It all began with a book, Inspired Design! But God had plans other than just the Mother-Daughter book about hospitality!

It all started after an unwanted “friend” break-up (funny, not funny, but true). Roxanne found herself on her knees asking the Lord, “What do you want from me.” Sincerely, she knew she was missing something and desired God’s direction for clarity. An hour a day commitment began (sometimes more) as she felt the Lord prompting, “If you really want to know what I want from you, you need to spend TIME with ME, to hear ME.”

While there is a longer version she  shares while speaking, the short version was she needed to sit at the feet of her maker and learn what HE wanted, to be pleasing to HIM (her only true desire). Essentially he showed her through scripture, fleece (signs), and continued peace that he wanted her to use her talents and God-given gifts (heritage and LOVE) for design to write a book. Though she did anguish over other women  thinking she wanted to be rich/famous by writing a book, Roxanne was struck that her main argument was the opinion of others. This was essentially a struggle through her life, caring about the opinions of others, more than God’s. She felt her heart was pierced to make a bold move to obey!  So, as God directed, she wrote the book with her daughter, not telling a soul but her family until the “project” was complete.

Roxanne & Hannah Packham

Hannah (left) and Roxanne Packham

God’s Plan and The Beginnings

At the book launch of INSPIRED DESIGN, so many moms wanted “something” like this celebration.  God had planted the seeds, now deep roots, of, unbeknownst to Roxanne, but becoming clear. Roxanne had also served on a committee of 30 people, for two years, at the request of the pastor of her church, to find what was “missing” in service to the community. They studied 12 books, the Bible, and had 12 weekends of teaching and small group all while Roxanne was working on her “project” quietly. Realizing over the two years that the Lord had been at work on both and was revealing the melding of the projects, for HIS glory. At the tremendous encouragement and support of this discipleship committee and the pastors at her church, had their first gathering with Roxanne and Hannah leading it alone! They realized that first day in May they needed a committee, a plan and a name.

Thus, the summer was a time when lots of amazing women and girls brainstormed what would look like. Wendy White came up with the name as Inspired (by God) to live out (Proverbs~Chapter)31! Many of the Founding Steering Team teens came up with lots of the elements of our gatherings that have made it so Inspiring and Impactful today! Please join us at our gatherings OR make a trip to California for our Annual Mother-Daughter Retreat. You’ll treasure the time with your daughter.

Roxanne Hughes Packham, Co-Founder

Although a stay-home mom, Roxanne is an acclaimed interior decorator whose classic designs grace hundreds of southern California homes. Roxanne has not had her business for several years now, choosing to focus only on the ministry. Her heritage is a long line of gifted artisans, including world-renowned silversmiths Allan Adler (her grandfather) and Porter Blanchard (her great-grandfather). Roxanne is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She studied design at Paris Fashion Institute and the Sorbonne while living in Paris, and Spanish design while living in Southern Spain for several years.  Her work has been featured in numerous design publications, including Life: Beautiful, California Homes, Dream Homes of Coastal California, Kitchen Style & Design, Dream Log Homes, Westlake Malibu Lifestyle, Kitchen Ideas That Work, Bath Ideas That Work, The Smart Approach to Kitchen Design, The Smart Approach to Bath Design, The Color Idea Book, The Window Treatment Idea Book, and more.  She is an allied member of ASID, Fashion Group International, IDS,  Women in Christian Media and is on the Parents Council at Westmont College.

Hannah & Roxanne Packham

Inspired by her husband’s 20 years (and 20 trips) of service with Heart of Hope Ministries International, using his skill/profession Dentistry on orphans, Inspired Design’s proceeds  go entirely to that ministry.

Hannah Packham, Co-Founder

A is a student at Westmont College, where her major is psychology, She takes part in two bible studies there. She is on the track team as a pole vaulter where she is nearing 11′!  Hannah was a top scholar,  named to the Headmaster & Deans List at Oaks Christian High School, her Alma Mater. She continues to be on the Deans List at Westmont.  She has made mission trips to  Romania three times. She is a writer for a WHOA magazine column. She continues to deeply enjoy her Inspired friendships and mentors the younger girls, through dinners, sharing and attending retreats and gatherings. She enjoys it, even more than she anticipated, and attends whenever she can~all but once this year. One special facet of her choosing psychology is a mentoring relationship with Kristen Cummins, an Inspired mom & board member, who is a marriage and family therapist. She has also enjoyed another Inspired mom and board member who she considers a very special mentor, Marta Brown.