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To INSPIRE teenage girls, mothers, and others to find, follow, and celebrate God’s DESIGN for their lives and use it to impact others.

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Inspired 31 Retreat

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Speaker / Author Jennifer Strickland says:

Inspired31 is one of those rare organizations in which the beauty of the outside matches the authenticity on the inside. When you see this high quality group of women from a distance, you are impressed; and when you get to know them up close and personal, you are equally drawn to them. Their hearts match their vision: loving, growing, and molding the next generation, one girl and one woman at a time. If Inspired31 were operating in my neighborhood, I’d surely be alongside them, supporting their mission and enjoying the richness of friendships these women genuinely provide. Inspired31, I am behind you all the way!


Roxanne (the founder of is one of the most anointed women today when it comes to influencing young girls and their moms. The heart of her ministry transforms us from the inside out.

Sheri Rose Shepherd, Best Selling Author, Bible Life Coach

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most amazing, clearly God-directed and divinely-inspired mother-daughter weekends my daughters and I have ever experienced! We were all SOOO blessed to have been able to be there!!! Thank you for all your hard, hard work! Your efforts were noticed, and very appreciated! Thank you for making us all feel welcomed and loved! Especially Sunday at your home! Those 5 stations will forever be etched into our treasured memories!

Much love & blessings, K

I am very thankful for this weekend… there was so much I learned about my daughter… I saw a bit of her fears, some of her dreams, and discovered her gift of discernment… I was able, then, to speak into each of them. In some ways, God had me validate her and in other ways, to encourage her and come alongside her. The door of communication is much wider than when we entered. I am so very thankful for the opportunity and experience you gave us. May God continue to expand and stretch this ministry.


 Thank you for such a well thought of and prayed about retreat. It was so timely for our family. By far, the best time and heart investment in my life. A truly life-changing event for mothers and daughters.

Love, H & N